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Knowledgeable wireline advantage groups with nearby capability make use of probably the most recent wireline instruments to help you accomplish greatest lifetime creation out of your nicely. For both cased-gap and open-gap administrations Pioneer offers responsive individual administration and a cooperative method. 

In 2012, Pioneer's provincially based wireline organizations merged below the Pioneer Energy Services name. Most effective practices from these organizations and the broad practical experience of our wireline companies are only two reasons that shoppers esteem Pioneer's aid.*

Tubing passed on puncturing (TCP)

We offer you outspread and typical concrete bond logging with gamma beam neutron, beat neutron and high-determination/imaging packaging calipers. Administrations incorporate best-in-class level pump down/attachment and shoot operate. We offer propelled abilities in downhole information gathering, with totally advanced open-gap and thin gap logging. Cased-gap administrations - for vertical and in some cases wells - incorporate pump down, tubing movement, looped tubing and tractor transport.

Pioneer Benefits


Operations in most significant U.S. characteristic gas and oil delivering locales

Experienced wireline groups with capacity in your bowl

Capacity to bolster even/vertical, oil/gas, high-weight wells within a wide variety of atmospheres

One of industry's ideal security records

Strong security culture sponsored by progressing wellbeing preparing and coaching plan

Solid nearby specialized support

Low worker turnover (8% just about every year)


One of the freshest and most actually propelled armadas of land and seaward logging units within the United states, such as one of the business' freshest collections of weight manage rigging and cranes

Units outfitted with no less than two arrangements of devices for greatest proficiency and reliability at your wellsite, taking out pricey downtime

Open-gap logging units ready to transmit data by means of satellite from the wellsite for giving continuous information

FastMast units with inherent pole for open-and cased-gap logging exactly where a boring or workover apparatus just isn't accessible

Capacity to run 30,000 feet of wireline

Slide mounted wireline units seaward Louisiana for adaptable downhole administrations, facts acquiring security and good quality execution.